Sunday, 31 January 2016

Groundhog Day

Another melancholy shaped day. I have managed to be somewhat productive in that I didn’t just eat toast avec différentes garnitures but otherwise, it’s been yet one more day of my mind grating itself into futile pieces.

I have managed to get some of my research down on paper, however I am a crazed knowledge junkie and studying art is just too fucking sweet. There’s just so much. It’s as though I am in some delicious labyrinth of doors and with each one I walk through several others pop up, and I simply cannot turn away. It makes me wish I didn’t have the dull blooded-organism liability that is sleep. Those hours could be better spent continuing my research in how the school of Geometric Abstraction was influenced by Islamic art, which used geometric abstraction to represent the vital universal balance between spirituality, science and mathematics and humanity without literally depicting figures etc. as that was forbidden in the Koran, and in turn how that relates to the Cubism movement.

I tell a lie. I love sleep. 

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